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The way we use carbon is unsustainable. If no action is taken, CO2 in the atmosphere will double by 2100. Licella’s Cat-HTR technology offers a low carbon solution to help achieve decarbonisation and reduce our reliance on fossil resources.

We work with nature's carbon cycle, recapturing carbon from recovered resources
Where others see waste, we see resources

“Pollution is nothing but the resources we are ​not harvesting. We allow them to be dispersed because we’ve been ignorant of their value.”​

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Environmental impact for biomass

Licella is helping to divert biomass residues from non-environmentally friendly disposal, such as burning or burying, to further reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

Black carbon from burning agricultural waste is the second biggest contributor to global warming and the largest source of dioxin emissions in Australia.

When transforming biomass, we exclusively use non-edible feedstocks and agricultural residues to ensure no competition with crops, or land used for food.

Utilising landfill-destined feedstocks further reduces GHG emissions, particularly methane – this also provides a clean energy alternative to incineration.  

Our Cat-HTR™ HTL process uses water as the “agent of  change” – meaning that there is no need to dry the biomass prior to processing – which is a huge advantage over other approaches, significantly reducing the process cost and the plant’s complexity. 

Environmental impact for plastic

Australia alone uses 3.4 million tonnes of plastic each year, but less than 13% is recycled. Globally, 91% of all plastic has not been recycled.

If current trends continue by 2050 there will be more plastic than fish in the oceans.

Bold and rapid action is needed to change the tide of plastics and enable a circular economy where we reduce, reuse, recycle plastic as a resource, diverting it from landfill and the natural environment.

Cat-HTR™ HTL process is the next-generation of advanced recycling, transforming previously non-recyclable plastic into a circular resource which reduces the demand for fossil oil in creating new plastic.

Our Cat-HTR™ technology delivers double the value and half the emissions of burning plastic for energy. 

Technology with impact

First Mura Technology commercial facility enters commissioning phase in the UK

Licella congratulates Mura Technology on reaching critical milestone, as Mura's first commercial facility enters commissioning phase in the UK


New report shows HTL best in class environmental credentials for advanced recycling of plastic

The European Commission’s Joint Research Centre (JRC) has published a Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) report which benchmarks three thermal advanced plastic recycling technologies against waste to energy and mechanical recycling in terms of carbon emissions.


First Australian commercial Cat-HTR facility receives EPA approval

The Environmental Protection Agency Victoria (EPA) has approved the Development Licence submitted by Advanced Recycling Victoria (ARV) to establish a plastic resource recovery plant in Altona, to convert end-of-life plastics into liquid and gaseous hydrocarbon products.


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