Dow invests in Mura Technology, using Licella’s Cat-HTR™ technology at its core, to accelerate roll-out of advanced recycling solution for plastics.

April 22, 2021 | 3 mins read

Collaboration supports rapid scaling of Mura’s HydroPRS™ process, utilising our Cat-HTR™ at its core.

  • Cat-HTR™ technology can recycle all forms of plastic – including multi-layer, flexible plastics often used in food packaging.
  • HydroPRS™ advanced recycling process utilises Cat-HTR™ technology at its core.
  • Cat-HTR™ platform developed and owned by Licella Holdings (Licella), the largest single shareholder in Mura.
  • Dow to play pivotal role in Mura’s global rollout of 1 million tonnes of recycling capacity by 2025.
  • Dow to receive supply of recycled feedstocks made from waste plastics from Mura’s first-of-its-kind plant in Teesside, UK, supplying major brands across the globe with sustainable plastic products.

Today Dow (NYSE: DOW), a global leader in materials science, and Mura Technology, UK-based developer and licensee of the Cat-HTR™ platform, announced a partnership to help keep plastic waste out of the environment.

The collaboration will support the rapid scaling of Mura’s new HydroPRS™ (Hydrothermal Plastic Recycling Solution) process, which utilises at its core Licella’s patented Cat-HTR™ technology.

The deal marks an important step in Dow’s commitment to advance a circular economy for plastics and keep plastic waste from entering the environment.

Licella’s patented Catalytic Hydrothermal Reactor (Cat-HTR™) platform uses supercritical water to economically convert waste plastics, otherwise destined for landfill, into oil to produce fuels, chemicals and new plastics – helping to unlock a circular economy for all plastic.
Importantly, the plastics produced using these recycled products are expected to be suitable for use in food-grade packaging, unlike most conventional recycling processes. Utilising the Cat-HTR™ technology at the core of Mura’s process means that there is no anticipated limit to the number of times the same material can be recycled – meaning it has the potential to significantly reduce single-use plastics and make the raw ingredients for a circular plastics economy. In addition, advanced recycling processes are expected to save approximately 1.5 tonnes of CO2 per tonne of plastic recycled, compared to incineration of unrecycled plastics.

Licella CEO, Dr Len Humphreys, commended Mura on the Dow partnership saying,
“Licella are excited by the opportunities this partnership between Mura and Dow creates in accelerating the roll-out of advanced recycling of plastics. The investment by Dow represents a strong vote of confidence in our Cat-HTR™ technology platform at the core of Mura’s HydroPRS advanced recycling process.”

In January this year, Mura announced a partnership with leading international provider of science, technology and engineering solutions, KBR. Both the investment by Dow and the partnership with KBR demonstrate the market’s confidence in the Cat-HTR™ technology as a circular economy solution for waste plastics.

Mura’s first advanced recycling plant to use the Cat-HTR™ technology at its core is under development by licensee ReNew ELP with the first Cat-HTR™ in Teesside, North East England. On completion, the site will be able to process 80,000 tonnes of plastic waste per year.
Globally Mura plans to have a recycling capacity of 1 million tonnes of plastic waste in operation or development by 2025.

Read the Mura Technology and Dow Release here.

Download the full Licella release here.

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