Mura Technology, Cat-HTR™ Licensee, Announces LG Chem & Chevron Phillips Partnerships

January 27, 2022 | 3 mins read

Mura and LG Chem partnership represents the fourth fully funded commercial plant with Licella's Cat-HTR™ platform at its core.

Licella’s commercial partner Mura Technology, (Mura), UK-based licensee of the Cat-HTR™ platform for post-consumer plastics (ex ANZ), have announced two significant partnerships that bring our shared vision for a lower carbon future closer.

LG Chem to Build Advanced Recycling Facility in South Korea, with Cat-HTR™ Core

A partnership between Mura and LG Chem, a leading global chemical producer, was announced last week, that will build a Hydro-PRT advanced recycling plant in South Korea.

LG Chem announced that construction will commence within the year, with the facility to have an annual production capacity of 25,000 tons per annum by early 2024.

Image above: Licella’s Cat-HTR Facility in NSW, Australia


This is the fourth fully funded commercial plant with our pioneering Cat-HTR™ platform at its core:

  1. Mura post-consumer plastic facility in Wilton (UK) – under construction, operational 2022;
  2. Mura, KBR & Mitsubishi Chemicals plant in Japan – operational 2023;
  3. Arbios Biotech (Licella & Canfor Inc) post-consumer biomass in Canada – operational 2023;
  4. Mura, KBR & LG Chem plant in South Korea – operational 2024.

Kug-lae Noh, the President of Petrochemicals Company of LG Chem:

“LG Chem is pleased to announce an investment in Mura’s Hydro-PRT℠ Technology. By purchasing a licence, we will construct our own hydrothermal recycle facility using the process. We see this as an extremely important step towards tackling plastic waste pollution and slashing the carbon emissions which threaten our environment.”

Licella’s Cat-HTR™ technology is at the core of our partner’s commercial roll-out

Mura is a joint venture formed between Licella and Armstrong Capital in 2017 to accelerate the commercialisation of advanced recycling of plastic globally.

Our patented Cat-HTR™ platform is at the core of Mura’s Hydro-PRT process, and Licella continue to work closely with Mura to provide technical expertise and trial runs for their projects and partnerships at our Cat-HTR™ plant in NSW, Australia.

Strategic Partnerships now in place with LG Chem, Mitsubishi Chemical Corporation & Dow & Chevron Phillips Chemical Corporation

The LG Chem announcement is the second agreement signed as part of Mura’s partnership with KBR, and follows the announcement of a licence with Mitsubishi Chemical Corporation in June 2021, as well as strategic partnerships with Dow and Chevron Phillips Chemical Corporation. These partnerships give Mura the global reach needed to scale up and achieve its goal of developing one million tonnes of recycling capacity by 2025.

Mura Announces Equity Investment by Chevron Phillips Chemical Company

Mura announced on the 18 December 2021 that Six Pines Investments LLC (Six Pines), a subsidiary of Chevron Phillips Chemical Company LLC (CPChem) made an equity investment in the company.

This new agreement between Mura and Six Pines constitutes a major development in the advanced recycling market. Mura aims to be the world’s largest producer of recycled hydrocarbons, whilst CPChem has the goal of manufacturing at least 500,000 tons per year of circular polyethylene by 2030.

 Mura’s First Plant Commenced Construction in the UK, Operational in 2022

Mura’s first advanced recycling plant to use the Cat-HTR™ technology at its core is under construction  in the Northeast England, and is set to be operational in 2022. On completion, the site will be able to process 80,000 tonnes of plastic waste per year.

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