We are working with a global network of strategic partners to commercialise our pioneering Cat-HTR™ technology around the world. Our Commercial Demonstration facilities in Australia have been operating for over 13 years and are still the world’s most commercially advanced hydrothermal liquefaction plants. Our world-class engineering and scientific team in Australia support our global network of projects and partners.

We partner with other industry leaders, who share our vision for a lower carbon future. Collaboration is at the heart of our business model. Our commercial alliances are underpinned by extensive due diligence and technology validation.

Our patented Cat-HTR™ technology is at the core of our partner’s commercial roll-out for both post-consumer plastic and biomass.

In Australia and New Zealand, Licella retain the rights to the Cat-HTR™ platform for post-consumer plastic. We are currently in the final stages of an advanced recycling feasibility study with industry partners including Amcor, LyondellBasell and Nestle. The study is the first stage in building an Australian Cat-HTR plant™ set to pioneer a local circular economy for plastic.

Projects under development

Our global network of alliances with our pioneering Cat-HTR™ technology at their core

Our award-winning and globally recognised team supports this global network of projects.

Our Commercial Demonstration facility in NSW, Australia, has been operating for over 13 years. It is still the most commercially advanced hydrothermal liquefaction plant in the world.

We look forward to announcing more Cat-HTR commercial™ projects soon.

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