We partner with other industry leaders who share our vision for a lower carbon future. Our Cat-HTR™ technology is at the core of our partner’s commercial roll-out.

We are working with our strategic partners to commercialise our patented Cat-HTR™ technology within huge potential markets.

Post-consumer plastic

Global (ex. ANZ)

HydroPRS process, with Cat-HTR technology at its core.

Alliances: KBR, Dow, Mitsubishi Chemicals.

Post-consumer biomass

North America, EU, South America

Alliance with Shell Catalyst & Technologies.

Post-consumer plastic

Australia & New Zealand (ANZ)

Biomass new markets



A decarbonising platform technology that helps our customers meet their net-zero carbon commitments.

We partner with other industry leaders who share our vision for a lower carbon future.

Our flexible business model allows us to commercialise our Cat-HTR technology alongside our strategic partners, to find solutions that help achieve decarbonisation and reduce the reliance on fossil resources.

Latest News

New report shows HTL best in class environmental credentials for advanced recycling of plastic

The European Commission’s Joint Research Centre (JRC) has published a Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) report which benchmarks three thermal advanced plastic recycling technologies against waste to energy and mechanical recycling in terms of carbon emissions.


First Australian commercial Cat-HTR facility receives EPA approval

The Environmental Protection Agency Victoria (EPA) has approved the Development Licence submitted by Advanced Recycling Victoria (ARV) to establish a plastic resource recovery plant in Altona, to convert end-of-life plastics into liquid and gaseous hydrocarbon products.


Licella partners with Amcor to deliver recycled content from Australia’s first plastic advanced recycling facility

Licella Holdings have signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with Amcor Australia & New Zealand (ANZ), a global leader in responsible packaging solutions, towards investment in Licella’s first Australian facility.



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Arbios Biotech JV with Canfor Inc

“We are very pleased to be working with Arbios Biotech on this exciting initiative as they look to develop a low-carbon circular economy. We look forward to further developing a strong and collaborative relationship that will meet the needs of the global marketplace.”

Kathren Murray, VP New Business Development with Shell Catalyst & Technologies.

Our pioneering Cat-HTR™ technology delivers higher value and lower emissions than other advanced recycling approaches.

Cat-HTR™ Facilities

Licella run the world’s most commercially advanced hydrothermal liquefaction plants.

Licella Technology Development, based in NSW Australia, was established as a Global Centre of Excellence to support our Cat-HTR™ technology development.

We are working with our strategic partners to build commercial Cat-HTR plants for both biomass and plastic around the world. Helping to enable a low-carbon circular economy.

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