The next generation of advanced recycling. Cat-HTR is unique among plastic to oil technologies, with the ability to process mixed End-of-Life Plastic (including flexible and multilayer plastics) into valuable new products, enabling a circular economy for previously non recyclable plastics.


Our pioneering Cat-HTR advanced recycling platform enables a circular economy for all plastic


Advanced recycling complements mechanical recycling, helping to close the loop on plastics that currently still go to landfill.  

Cat-HTR™ is a true circular solution for plastic – by taking plastic back to oil, all new plastic produced through advanced recycling can be food-grade. 

Higher value, lower emissions

Compared to pyrolysis and gasification, our HTL process is more efficient, creating more oil with less energy.

Cat-HTR Technology Core

Our Cat-HTR™ technology is at the core of advanced recycling facilities under development globally, both by Licella directly and by our partners. 

We partner with other industry leaders who share our vision for a more sustainable future.


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