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Our pioneering Cat-HTR™ platform uses hydrothermal liquefaction (HTL), the next-generation of advanced recycling.

Cat-HTR uses water, under high pressure and temperature, to economically and efficiently transform a wide range of  biomass and plastic wastes and residues into a high-quality, sustainable oil; a direct substitute for fossil crude. 

It is globally recognised as the most commercially advanced technology of its kind. 


Our Cat-HTR™ offers a high value, low emissions alternative to burning or burying of biomass, helping to transition to a low-carbon economy.

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The next-generation of advanced recycling, Cat-HTR is unique among plastic to oil technologies, delivering higher value and lower emissions than other approaches.  

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We partner with other industry leaders who share our vision for a lower carbon future. Our Cat-HTR™ technology is at the core of our partner’s commercial roll-out. 

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Compared to pyrolysis and gasification, our hydrothermal liquefaction (HTL) process is more efficient and flexible, delivering higher value with lower emissions. 


Technology with impact.

The Cat-HTR™ is unique among plastic to oil technologies. Proven to process a huge range of mixed End-of-Life plastics, including multi-layer packaging.

It is a pioneering advanced recycling solution, enabling a circular economy for all plastic. 

It helps to close the loop on the ~90% of plastic that still goes to landfill globally. Diverting plastic from our oceans, and enabling more plastic to remain in circulation – reducing the demand for new fossil oil.

Utilising water, our HTL process is able to deliver higher value with a lower carbon footprint, compared to older approaches such as pyrolysis.


Cat-HTR™ Facilities

Licella run the world’s most commercially advanced hydrothermal liquefaction plants in the world.

Licella Technology Development, based in NSW Australia, was established as a Global Centre of Excellence to support our Cat-HTR™ technology development.



Technology pioneers

Higher value, lower emissions

Confidence in global network


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